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The Birth Of Imperium Gaming BMRP (Letter To Creed)

Dear Creed,

My name is Murlock, along time ago on Dynasty my name was Dr. Muffin. I have always had a close connection to this gamemode, and for nearly 2 years I hosted and controlled the main server for the gamemode. It started with my server on OBN where HYPSIN (A man im sure you know) was my server manager. Me and hypsin met on Dynasty and we have continued to be friends to this day. After my OBN server he managed and owned his community. I was the person paying for that box, and I did it because hypsin cares for this gamemode. And so do I. The BMRP community was made with a dream, and that dream still lives on in all of us.

Teleporters to sector C...
Spawning IN the Sectors...
Aperture Scientist Test Subjects...

These are just some of the ways that you have tainted this gamemode.

We are going to end this, or at least try to.

We have created a BMRP that is based on what made BMRP great.

>Custom Map
>Custom Ranks
>Custom Scripts
>Old Xen and Scanner System
>New ID system
>Old HUD
>Old F4 Menu
>Whitelists and Ranks

We are going to be the OPPOSITE of what this server is.

Players who like the mingefest of your server can stay.

But players who like BMRP in a mature and role play way will change.

I have heard rumors of you hacking and ddosing people. I hope that they are only rumors. All I can say now is Good Luck.

-Owner Of Imperium Gaming Murlock (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/imperiumgaminggmod)
I don't ddos people, that's lame
fuckin cunt
If you won't say anything, they won't require you to repeat.
So this is basically a Humblebrag? Mkay.

Oh and when you said "Opposite of Creed's server" i am taking that as "My server is incredibly fucking boring", atleast on cBMRP you don't need fucking Admin Perm to use the AMS.

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