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Update 1.5 - Xen Update - Creed - 10-26-2017

Well ideally speaking this should've been active at the release of the server but I was pressed for time and had to release it ahead of schedule. I think these past 2-ish weeks have gone by quite well though.

Here is a list of changes in the 1.5 update.

Quote:-Crystals system and job

-New crystal to mine close to Xenian spawn

-Vortigaunts now do 80 damage and have a quicker firing time and increased range. They can still miss pretty easily.

-Alien grunts now have 100 health and 100 armor, hivehand regenerates at twice the speed and has 12 bees in a clip. Run.

-Potentially fixed crates

-Some jobs allow you to press F3 for additional help on the job (rules and tips)

-Quantum Storage Device, a device that can suck in nearby ores and crystals regardless of type and store them. Will teleport to sector A teleport lab even through the random portal. Easy alternative to boxes (but expensive)

-HEV Delivery System, a mobile deployment of the HEV Mk. IV, purchaseable through F4 menu (expensive), only gives 50 armor and heal, kills npcs and you're invulnerable inside

-HEV Suits at Sector C now give 100 armor on suitup and heal

-Survey Logistics can buy small arms

-You can now pick up stuff from the f4 menu with your physgun

-Removed pocket swep

-HECU emps actually unlock and open stuff now, and right click fries door mechanisms

-Admin /forcesuitup command now gives crowbar and Custom HEV Suit hud doesn't show up

-Smaller HUD