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cVI - Information and Q&A - loggish - 11-17-2017

cVI is the Creed's Vigilante Intervention Initiative

Everyone that plays the server or that is in the Discord has a Minge score. The higher the score, the more often that player is to break rules or minge.

Your score is based on a set of many factors, including Discord, forum posts, and the way you act on the server.

A negative score indicates you are eligible for the cVI initiative. If no member of Staff is on and can’t get on the player with the lowest score that is on the server will be granted 10-minute ‘staff’ and is briefed on what to do, they also are equipped with tools to assist the staff.


There is no Staff on why wasn’t cVI been activated?
Creed must enter a console command, if cVI hasn’t been activated and there is a problem please contact Creed.

How do I find out my score?
You can’t, Creed is the only person that can find out this and he isn’t going to give out your score.

What happens if a person abuses cVI?
They will be banned depending on how they ‘abused’.

Can I get staff through cVI?

Yes, if you do a good enough job over a span of a few days you can be promoted to staff.