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10-26-2017, 05:53 PM
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  Switch in prop packs
Posted by: Creed - 04-02-2018, 08:30 PM - Forum: Information - No Replies

In favor of having the entirety of black mesa models as addons instead of bits and pieces (at roughly the same file sizes), many addons have been removed in place of these ones.

Here is a list of addons you need to unsubscribe from (You don't HAVE to but they won't work on the server any more):

And just as a reminder in case you've missed something, you may want to sub to all the addons in this pack:
That includes the new black mesa props.

Also in favor of better npcs, I've removed HL Renaissance and added in Black Mesa sNPCS. This of course means as a side effect, things like the laser-optic deagles and wrenches will be unable to be used. I'll be working on replacements shortly.

  The Birth Of Imperium Gaming BMRP (Letter To Creed)
Posted by: Murlock - 03-29-2018, 05:23 PM - Forum: Information - Replies (3)


Dear Creed,

My name is Murlock, along time ago on Dynasty my name was Dr. Muffin. I have always had a close connection to this gamemode, and for nearly 2 years I hosted and controlled the main server for the gamemode. It started with my server on OBN where HYPSIN (A man im sure you know) was my server manager. Me and hypsin met on Dynasty and we have continued to be friends to this day. After my OBN server he managed and owned his community. I was the person paying for that box, and I did it because hypsin cares for this gamemode. And so do I. The BMRP community was made with a dream, and that dream still lives on in all of us.

Teleporters to sector C...
Spawning IN the Sectors...
Aperture Scientist Test Subjects...

These are just some of the ways that you have tainted this gamemode.

We are going to end this, or at least try to.

We have created a BMRP that is based on what made BMRP great.

>Custom Map
>Custom Ranks
>Custom Scripts
>Old Xen and Scanner System
>New ID system
>Old HUD
>Old F4 Menu
>Whitelists and Ranks

We are going to be the OPPOSITE of what this server is.

Players who like the mingefest of your server can stay.

But players who like BMRP in a mature and role play way will change.

I have heard rumors of you hacking and ddosing people. I hope that they are only rumors. All I can say now is Good Luck.

-Owner Of Imperium Gaming Murlock (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/imperiumgaminggmod)

  The BMRP Roleplay Rules
Posted by: Creed - 03-04-2018, 08:31 PM - Forum: Information - No Replies

#1 - Staff have the final say
- If you are asked to stop, stop.
- Consider a staff sit lucky. Usually we take immediate, permanent action. 
- We CAN ban you. For any reason. And we don't have to unban you.
- When asked "Give me a reason not to ban you", your answer should not be "because you can't" or "because it's not fair". You'll quickly learn that's not the case.
- Your trial isn't fair, you have no rights and your lawyer is shit.

#2 - No Prop Blocking
- If a person can usually go somewhere but can't, it is propblock. (Checkpoints that require a /showid with no scanner on the player side)
- If a person needs to jump or crouch to get somewhere, it's propblock.

#3 - No Prop Minge
- No prop pushing
- No spawning excessive laggy props
- No abusing props for your benefit
- No usage of vehicles in the labs or Xen (tram is okay, and sometimes topside but see Rule #1)

#4 - No General Mingery
- No job abuse
- No mic/chat spam
- No random arrest/demotes
- No sitting in vehicles to avoid damage

#5 - No RDM
- Xenians and humans can always kill each other.
- Test subjects can be killed for no reason if they are not under someone's jurisdiction (i.e. a bioworker is using a test subject for something and you kill said test subject is RDM)
- Visitors may be killed but it is usually RDM if you do. As security arrest them, as HECU read your own rules better.
- HECU may not kill BMRF personnel unless there is an event or unless fired upon.

#6 - PMEs (Player Made Events) cannot force people into them
- Nothing that will push people to participate

#7 - Sector D (third tram stop) is an IC group RP area. 
- /announce only goes throughout the sector.
- RDM is allowed (to everyone, RDM field is off).
- Rule breaking PACs are allowed. 
- Propblock is allowed. 
- Player Made Events are allowed.
- If you step so much as 1 GMod unit outside of Sector D and continue rule breaking activities, your punishment will almost always be an instant, permanant ban. Often with no time given to explain yourself.

1: Only lore-friendly humans and modest, realistic robots on earth. (Zombies are not allowed.)
2: Xenian creatures are not allowed on earth, only in Xen. (Zombies are not allowed.)
3: No test subject PACs, or PACs that would create a PME. (E.G. SCP, Combine, etc)
4: Try to keep the size, sound and general notability of the PAC to a minimum.
5: You must unconditionally accept what you are told from staff regarding your PACs.

Information cVI - Information and Q&A
Posted by: loggish - 11-17-2017, 08:00 PM - Forum: Information - No Replies

cVI is the Creed's Vigilante Intervention Initiative

Everyone that plays the server or that is in the Discord has a Minge score. The higher the score, the more often that player is to break rules or minge.

Your score is based on a set of many factors, including Discord, forum posts, and the way you act on the server.

A negative score indicates you are eligible for the cVI initiative. If no member of Staff is on and can’t get on the player with the lowest score that is on the server will be granted 10-minute ‘staff’ and is briefed on what to do, they also are equipped with tools to assist the staff.


There is no Staff on why wasn’t cVI been activated?
Creed must enter a console command, if cVI hasn’t been activated and there is a problem please contact Creed.

How do I find out my score?
You can’t, Creed is the only person that can find out this and he isn’t going to give out your score.

What happens if a person abuses cVI?
They will be banned depending on how they ‘abused’.

Can I get staff through cVI?

Yes, if you do a good enough job over a span of a few days you can be promoted to staff.

  Update 1.5 - Xen Update
Posted by: Creed - 10-26-2017, 05:53 PM - Forum: Information - No Replies

Well ideally speaking this should've been active at the release of the server but I was pressed for time and had to release it ahead of schedule. I think these past 2-ish weeks have gone by quite well though.

Here is a list of changes in the 1.5 update.

Quote:-Crystals system and job

-New crystal to mine close to Xenian spawn

-Vortigaunts now do 80 damage and have a quicker firing time and increased range. They can still miss pretty easily.

-Alien grunts now have 100 health and 100 armor, hivehand regenerates at twice the speed and has 12 bees in a clip. Run.

-Potentially fixed crates

-Some jobs allow you to press F3 for additional help on the job (rules and tips)

-Quantum Storage Device, a device that can suck in nearby ores and crystals regardless of type and store them. Will teleport to sector A teleport lab even through the random portal. Easy alternative to boxes (but expensive)

-HEV Delivery System, a mobile deployment of the HEV Mk. IV, purchaseable through F4 menu (expensive), only gives 50 armor and heal, kills npcs and you're invulnerable inside

-HEV Suits at Sector C now give 100 armor on suitup and heal

-Survey Logistics can buy small arms

-You can now pick up stuff from the f4 menu with your physgun

-Removed pocket swep

-HECU emps actually unlock and open stuff now, and right click fries door mechanisms

-Admin /forcesuitup command now gives crowbar and Custom HEV Suit hud doesn't show up

-Smaller HUD