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wonder if there's going to be a for when that server finally comes out, or if it'll just merge with

creed your admin called (what) is fucking stupid he kicked me for asking a question

Hey so i got auto Ban and i would like to appeal the ban

fuck you guys learn to RP

fuck you admins banned me permanetly for calling a prop blocking minge a pussy

nice ban for no reason


hey yall about 6 months ago the console band me like permanently due to a kid screwing around he had no time in the server and i retaliated back. sorry for that. well i got kicked after spending some time on yalls server and thought i would put the game down for a bit but now i would like to start playing again but i was wondering if yall could lift the ban im really not one to go out of my way to be a minge and im a huge fan of the server.

Hi and welcome to chilli's

Karma's been pretty good to me and the servers doing pretty well on its third day up

Karma is a bitch isn't it

Remember when you were flexing about this server?

updates boi


The fucks this bullshit quit being fags

Sure, wait for creed to come on though


we will create a meeting in which negotiations between nova vin and creed speak

I will send vin and nova to the server only